How Does it Work?
- We have divided selected courses into modules of less than 1 hour each.
- After registration, you get a recorded video for each module along with notes.
For every section of a module, we have a set of FAQs, which are based on actual discussions in our regular courses. You get that too.
- After you have completed modules that equal to one full days contact hours, you get to interact with a nominated  expert - for 15 minutes, one on one, through Skype.
- Upon course completion, you appear in an online exam and get the certification.
Distance Learning at First Promethean
Distance Learning is for professionals who cannot leave their work environment for the duration of the course. With a sharp focus on hands-on learning, FP Distance Learning modules are perfectly tailored for busy professionals who would not miss the latest development in their areas of work.
Customization and 24/7 Support
Distance Learning at FP offers a unique feature of customized learning. When you attend a course through distance learning, you get the opportunity to interact with the trainer on pre-set times. If you miss out, you can always ask for additional dedicated support.
Competitive Pricing with Full Certification Benefits
Our Distance Learning courses are no different when it comes to Certification benefits. And what you get additional is prices up-to 20% below the regular courses.
Available Courses
 Introduction to Six Sigma
Six Sigma Green/Black Belt 
Introduction to Balanced Scorecard
Balanced Scorecard professional