Balanced Scorecard at FP.

First Promethean Consulting Division provides highly customized solutions for Strategy Management through Balanced Scorecard (BSC). 

Our experience is the First Promethean Advantage. We have under our belt the designing, developing and managing of Balanced Scorecards of more than a dozen large clients.

FP BSC is based on a comprehensive model which is:

  • Highly organizational culture specific
  • Focuses on development on Strategic Orientation of management
  • Builds-in Enterprise Risk Management
  • Assesses the organization in-and-out for designing a comprehensive strategy made of robust strategic components
  • Focuses on the quality of KPIs - other models may not be even close.

The FP BSC model shown below, addresses critical missing aspects of standard models being taught and used:

Each step is a comprehensive set of well-designed, validated set of activities including Training, Brainstorming Activities and Objective Oriented Outcome Sessions that build the capacity of your HR to design and manage their own strategy.

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Resources on Balanced Scorecard

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Dash Board Software.
Balanced Scorecard Dashboard software is an internationally benchmarked service, providing executives with time-saving, easy to use interface having progress of the entire organization. 

Our software is highly customizable and can be either hosted on our servers or on the servers of our client organziations. 



First Promethean faculty is the First Promethean advantage. Read what our recent customers think of us:


  • Brilliant & Outstanding.


  • The level and quality of knowledge transfer is unprecedented. We feel equipped to design and implement a comprehensive balanced scorecard for our organization.


  • It was wonderful learning experience. Dr.(faculty) has shown his full devotion to transfer (his) knowledge.


  • We found this session an amazing learning experience as to (how) virtual images of plan can be transformed to reality.
  • The trainer had an excellent way of conducting the sessions & (remains) very much focused.


  • Trainer (has) Excellent personality.
  • A workshop on a trending management tool. I strongly feel that it has to be adopted on a national level for better accountability and overall growth of individual as well as the organization. Dr. (faculty) has done a superb job.









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